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» Public Talk [Frailty in Older Adults – Identification and Intervention]

Public Talk [Frailty in Older Adults – Identification and Intervention]

Frailty is a late life health state in which individuals are increasingly vulnerable to stressor events that can have an adverse impact on health, functioning, hospitalisation, entry to residential care, and mortality. Frailty is common in older adults and with population ageing, frailty will increasingly be a focus of health policy and planning, and for health professionals. There are a variety of risk factors associated with frailty many of which are preventable or reversible.

This presentation is aimed at allied health, nursing, medical and staff who work with frail older adults. The content is draw from Mark’s experience and research as an investigator with the University of Adelaide’s Centre for Research Excellence in frailty.

The session covers frailty science, the impact of frailty on health outcomes and mortality, the key risk factors, interventions that may reverse frailty, and a discussion on frailty risk factors and interventions and how these currently feature in your clinical practice.

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